The chosen google summer of code student participants have been announced and i’m in! 



It’s been 2 days since the declaration of Gsoc 2019 selected students. I was accepted into the program under Librehealth open source organization to work on the project Incorporate radiology workflow into radiology  which could be also be referred to, on the Gsoc site, piloted by mentors Judy Gichoya and Ivange Larry Ndumbe.

I could tell i’m excited, there’s this soothing feeling like a whirling pool right beneath my sternum that occasionally scrubs against the spine and gives nothing but satisfaction. It’s tough ignoring this frequent palpitations though. Knowing the task ahead, i guess the palpitations are caused by that speck of fear one feels when taking on a new and demanding journey. I’ll need it, i will. Not too much to cause stress or distort my thought process, neither too little to make me take things for granted, but just enough to keep me focused and disciplined.  Nevertheless, it’s thrilling getting out of your comfort zone to explore new ventures. 

This project encompasses the implementation of the Draft and approval workflow (with respect to radiology user stories) and other functionalities which will be highlighted after discussion with mentors during this bonding period to be incorporated into the radiology module. This will entail that I study the code base of several past Gsoc participants under the following topics:

A new work timeline with updated milestones will be created on google Docs by the end of the community bonding period to clearly highlight my goals, milestones and respective deadlines throughout the summer. I’ll also be doing weekly posts on my activities, experiences and accomplishments. 

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