Dreadful but Mesmerizing

It felt good, it did. A feeling one can’t fake after experiencing a breakthrough after quite some investment; time, money, brain power, healthy spine… All that was felt internally, it would’ve been tough to tell from looking at me. What may betray me are my eyelids, they’d appear narrowly opened, like when savouring a bite-size piece of sugar cane in the dry season knowing it’s a delicacy.

My successes this period was highly influenced by an internship i took part in during the summer holidays of 2018. Did a two months internship with Gr8di where i got to learn a lot about back-end development with groovy(Grails framework) but the knowledge cuts across most JVM technologies. I gained and honed many skills, had a clearer career path and my confidence boosted. I owe them a huge gratitude, for Kraulain and Jenn Strater were the roots of my success in groovy; (Groot). *Bad pun, Roy *. A series of posts will be created based on my experiences at Gr8di.

After receiving a text that read ‘Congratulations Roy…’ I was happy, not excited, there is a clear distinction of both meanings, but most people blatantly refuse to see it. I believe that if i expressed joy by uttering phrases like “Yes, I did it ! ” , a keen someone will be able to see through that thin layer of faut excitement, the phrase “Oh shit! I have a lot on my plate now”. This reaction is not surprising as i’m doing seven university courses this semester with two being project design related courses. With all this I’d have to exhaust all my techniques of productivity, making good use of the Pomodoro technique, through the pormodoro timer and the collaboration tool; Trello.

This is a time management technique where tasks are given intervals of 25 minutes(a pomodoro) punctuated by short breaks. Will be getting a timer for my Win10, i still have that for Ubuntu.

Trello is a system of boards, lists and cards. This creates a system that allows for individuals or teams to track a project and collaborate. I’d use this with my mentor to keep track of my activities. The feeling of moving a task to “Done” is priceless!

I’ll dedicate ten hours a day on week days, twelve on weekends for my Gsoc project (Yes it’s much) and six hours for school work. Ten hours on the project is not too much, i may be productive only for four hours within the ten hours and will do other related issues within the remaining time.

I was told to celebrate, i did, but many won’t agree. Watched an episode of
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titans) season 3 part 2 and the latest episode of One Punch man. Had a glass of ‘tole’ tea and rewarded myself with seven hours of sleep. What could beat that?

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