It’s been a wonderful experience so far. It seems rather frightful than surprising how much i have learned these weeks. Ten hours a day have been dedicated for this project, making it seventy hours a week. It will seem much, but i have ninety-eight hours to do my other stuff, so all is well.
In attempt to answer the question “what to do“, communication with mentors have to take place so that i refine my original project proposal to reflect the exact task to be done and in more detail, giving out clear milestones and deadlines. This process prompted me to:
– Read past chats under related topics,
– Read past Gsocers blogs to have a more detailed idea on what they had worked on,
– Ran modules, and other openWeb Apps to see what has been implemented and what hasn’t.
All these was with aim of coming out with a more chronological arrangement of my tasks
to be done (detail workflow). I’ll be preparing a new wireframe based on the new openWeb app that was built for radiology.

Faced many little huddles, but learned a lot form them..
Faced the nvm EACCES: permission denied error when i ran an nvm install in a polymer project directory. I did this with aim of understanding the concept of web components.
That error was caused by the original approach i used to install npm. I highly recommend that NodeJs and nvm package manager should be installed using a node version manager and not the traditional sudo install command. These links could help one rectify that problem.
Give permission

Also encountered a Problem with dial: dial tcp: lookup mysql on no such host. Sleeping 1 error when running my toolkit/radiology containers. Tried many solutions; restarting mysql, killed processes on ports… but only succeeded running my container after i refreshed my docker system(removing and re-downloading the image/container/volume) using commands:
docker container stop $(docker container ls -a -q) #Stopping all docker containers
docker container prune # Remove all stopped containers
docker volume prune # Remove all unused volumes
docker image prune # Remove unused images
or just docker system prune --all --force --volumes for all the above
as learned from this post and many other little issues.

Now i see how essential it is to document errors for one may face it again, and it’ll be then easier to tackle. One of my previous internship mentors made the statement, “Not all knowledge has been documented” i shall continue to do blogs aimed at reducing the accuracy of that statement.

Just an image I like

Generally i have had a good grasp of:

  • How to search for error solutions and filter solutions on online forums,
  • Learned more of git branching using the book git pro especially with commands “merge” and “rebase” (a separate blog post will be done on git’s merging and “rebasing” commands and it’s use cases),
  • Learned more about the docker engine and now know many commands off the top of my head,
  • Learned more about the polymer and web component concept.

Many people have the wrong notion of Gsoc, the google summer of code is all about the wonderful experience of learning; software development, collaboration, communication with aim of gaining insight of the OpenSource, It surpasses just being there to code and get payed. The experience is an integral part of it. If not, organisations will simply get professional developers to do their projects for them in a shorter range of time. Reason why i am grateful for this opportunity and i plan to let it not go to waste.
The feeling is exhilarating, and there will be some additional satisfaction having this project accomplished under my watch.
I look forward to the challenges of next week.

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