The community bonding period just came to an end, it’s been filled with lots of reading and QA sessions.
With aim of having clarification of my task and knowing where to begin, my mentor went through the radiology modules to help me address queries about the workflow.

A lot of reading from past GSoc radiology module development blogs was done to get an in depth understanding on what has been accomplished. Also read from OpenMrs since the original radiology module was forked from there. I looked for any writing that will explain the components of the radiology department, the processes, roles and functions of resources. The following references will be helpful to find your way to the understanding of the buildup and reporting workflow of the radiology module:
– Terms, User roles, user stories
– Gsoc 2017 final report
– Creating a Radiology Report using MRRT Report template LibreHealth Radiology librehealth-radiology/
– User stories
– Dicom Basics
– Video on standard radiology workflow

To Do

Having done all those findings, this will be my objective throughout the summer:
– Implement the start of the reporting process such that after clicking the ‘claim study’ button:
Allows the user to select a template
Dictate report; integration of voice dictation
– Once a study is completed(report) it should fall off the dictation list
– User can view report by clicking on patient
– Incorporating ACR assist modules for decision support
All these objectives will have sub tasks, which will be arrange in a google doc with an updated
timeline or use the trello boards if permitted. The sub tasks will be modified as I progress.

You may like to know

Faced some errors while trying to run the Lh-radiology-owa
The error message seemed to prove that my angularcli version was higher than the project’s. So I had to downgrade. After searching online, these commands were used to uninstall and install a lower version of angular(angular 4).

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli # If angular version is 5 or greater
npm uninstall -g @angular-cli # If angula version is lower than 5
npm cache verify #if npm version is < 5 then use npm cache clean
npm npm install -g @angular/cli@1.4.9

These link will help address issues on angular versions
-Upgrade/uninstall install instructions

NB: It is advised that all packages should be installed locally. This makes sure you can have dozens of applications in your computer, all running a different version of each package if needed. Updating a global package would make all your projects use the new release, and as you can imagine this might cause nightmares in terms of maintenance as some packages might break compatibility with further dependencies, and so on. All projects have their own local version of a package, even if this might appear like a waste of resources, it’s minimal compared to the possible negative consequences.

Bad sitting posture

Being new to Angular and Javascript, I will be following angular tutorials these few days to help me get around the radiology UI and implement or modify different functionalities. This week will be very demanding and I will have to exhaust every bit of my productivity techniques to accomplish these tasks in time. May the force be with me!

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